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Design & Engineering

From concept sketches to compliance specifications, our in-house design and engineering experts encompass a broad range of capabilities aiming for architectural precision.


Hand-in-hand, we offer our guidance throughout every step of the project.  Services include cost analysis, design, samples, mock-ups, installation supervision, along with foreseeing needs that may evolve.


Using a combination of conventional and sophisticated machinery, our fabrication and assembly facility exceeds typical standards. We blend custom-made products with custom-made accessories: hardware, metal panels, brake metal, doors, specialty glass, and other materials.

Customer Service & Follow-up

With consistency and compassion, we move beyond the average to find tailored solutions to each project.  It’s of the utmost importance that communication is abundant and clear, scheduling and deliverables beat timelines, and projects punch to perfection.


Aluminum Composite Material

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) often referred to as Aluminum Composite Panels offer good dimensional stability with a metallic look similar to aluminum at half the weight.

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Brake Metal / Sheet Metal

Brake Metal is a thin sheet of aluminum used mainly for finishing the trim out of a façade. Unlike Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) brake metal cannot be fabricated in-field.

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Curtain Wall

Curtainwall is a very versatile product with both single and multi-story applicability. It has the provision of additional bolt on features such as sunshades, canopies, and custom face caps.

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Storefronts are an excellent option for single story applications in both interior and exterior locations. Our portfolio includes front set, center set, and back set products. We provide standardized finish, design, look and hardware options which are customizable as per client needs.

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Glass is a key component of façade design. We ensure that our glass is designed with custom client aesthetic requirements as well as compliance with the Glass Association of North America (GANA) guidelines for interior and exterior glazing.

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Glass doors are excellent for increased visibility. Our glass doors are designed to meet ADA as well as commercial construction regulations. They are available with top and bottom rails or patch fittings.

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Aluminum open canopies can be customizable as per customer aesthetic preferences.

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This added feature to any exterior façade enhances the aesthetics, and helps improve the energy efficiency of the building. We provide several standard shapes in both standard and custom colors.

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Our standard and customizable entrances are designed for superior performance and quality with long lasting durability. We offer varied storefront designs which include both interior and exterior projects. Designs vary from standard flush glaze/curtainwall systems to custom extruded systems.

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Custom Printed Products

Our range includes a wide selection of custom printed products. Our printers are specialized to print on solid material such as ACM, glass, and wood among others. Additionally, we can accommodate printing on rolled material such as vinyl, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), banners, and other materials.

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The Glass Shop

We offer a wide selection of glass for different applications to commercial clients. From new construction to remodeling, we are able to design, cut, deliver and install a wide selection of glass applications.  

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Residential Services

We offer a wide selection of glass for different applications to residential clients. From new construction to remodeling, we are able to design, cut, deliver and install a wide selection of glass applications.  

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Explore our brochures to learn more about ACM, etching, our storefront systems, and residential services.

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Infinity-AP, LLC was founded in 2012 to understand and fulfill client needs and exceed expectations in storefront requirements of the retail space.

Our areas of expertise are design and engineering, consulting and manufacturing.  High priorities include safety, prompt customer service and quality products.  

We offer holistic solutions for the retail facade package that best meets clients requirements.  Our ultimate objective is timely and affordable execution of deliverables that lead to successful store openings.  

Infinity’s vision is provision of products of superior quality coupled with unmatched customer service. Our strategic planning supplements this vision by offering a broad selection of well-designed materials, prepared by a dedicated and passionate workforce.

Consequently, our happy clients recommend us to colleagues and friends, our business partners refer us to their clients, and our loyal workforce is proud to be a part of the Infinity-AP Family.




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