About Us

Infinity-AP, LLC was founded in 2012 to understand and fulfill client needs and exceed expectations in storefront requirements of the retail space. Our areas of expertise are design and engineering, consulting and manufacturing.  High priorities include safety, prompt customer service and quality products.  We offer holistic solutions for the retail facade package that best meets clients requirements.  Our ultimate objective is timely and affordable execution of deliverables that lead to successful store openings.  


Infinity’s vision is provision of products of superior quality coupled with unmatched customer service. Our strategic planning supplements this vision by offering a broad selection of well-designed materials, prepared by a dedicated and passionate workforce. Consequently, our happy clients recommend us to colleagues and friends, our business partners refer us to their clients, and our loyal workforce is proud to be a part of the Infinity-AP Family.

Our Story


Infinity-AP is founded by two guys with 40+ years of combined experience in the architectural product industry. It was started with one customer, one laptop and a chop saw.


We received our first shipment
of custom extrusions that temporarily
had to be stored in a friend’s barn.
Later that year, we rented out a section of warehouse space in Chalmette, LA, and purchased a used CNC router,  and hired three contract employees.


We hired four full-time
employees and opened an office in Dallas for Drafting and Project Managers. We grew our customer base to five retail clients. 


We relocated to Waveland, MS,
and purchased a 30,000 sq. ft facility on five acres. We continued with our commitment to invest in  talented people and state of the art equipment.


We purchased two 12’ glass/acrylic etchers/lasers (currently the longest laser etcher in North America!), and a 10’ wide flat bed printer to meet  and exceed our clients growing design requirements..


We now have clients and employ
20 full-time (and 10 to 15 peak season)
team members. We have successfully
expanded our core business of architectural metal to include acrylic protective barriers and other PPE
to combat the fight of against COVID-19. This allowed all staff to stay employed
including the peak season..

Core Principles


The mandate to always do what is right has always been a core tenet of our founding ideals.


Our design experts forever strive to think out of the box.

Customer Centric

Our services are customer focused such that we predict customer needs before they are communicated.

Value Creation

Anticipating and planning for the unknown is one of our core competencies. we envision what could be and challenge the status quo.

Change Management

Anticipating and planning for the unknown is one of our core competencies. we envision what could be and challenge the status quo.


We apply judgement, practice responsibility, take initiative and use critical thinking to influence the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Honest treatment, individual respect and sensitivity, and the value of diversity are at the core of our customer service experience.

Time Bound

We are cognizant of, and have the utmost respect for our customers time, schedules and deadlines.