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Face Shields

This is a multi-use PPE product.  This product is made at our factory in Waveland, Mississippi, and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Model #IAP-1920
Product type: PPE - Face Shield - Multi - Use
Frame Material: 0.010 PETG

  • This product is a general use protective shield.  The final determination of use is decided by     the end user.

  • Clear with full peripheral vision

  • Fits over glasses and goggles

  • One size fits most

  • Disposable

  • Approximately 9 inches length

  • Anti-fog

  • Non-Sterile

  • Ships unassembled in boxes of 1,000

  • Not made with natural rubber latex

  • Designed in New Orleans by Scale Workspace and Robert Forbes 3D as an open-source product. Produced and distributed by Infinity-AP.

Cleaning Specifications

  •  The face shields are shipped unsterilized. 
  • Please follow standard sterilization procedures to ensure the safety of the end user.

  • The acrylic frames become brittle after 2-3 cleanings with an alcohol based cleaner.

  • 10:1 Water to bleach solution does not break down the acrylic as quickly. Please prioritize this solution for the initial sterilzation. 
We are constantly prototyping alternative materials to increase the lifespan of this product.  This product is being sold as DISPOSABLE but can be reused in emergency situations, after sterilization.

The face shield material (PETG) is prone to scratches; the shields will be shipped with a film adhered to both sides.  This film will need to be removed before assembly and handled gently.

Please be careful during assembly not to stress the acrylic frames.  Frames should be put on like a hat, from back to front.

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