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To request a quote please call us at 877-894-3245 or email us at infinitysupport


The national account retail world is very intense and time sensitive.  As a company we recognize the importance of being able to respond and react very quickly.  We have very good partners who provides us products that we need in a timely manner.  We take pride in having the experience and knowledge of what it takes to be competitive and successful in the retail world.  


Being a medium size company, the team genuinely cares about the reputation of Infinity-AP.  The team will do whatever is needed to make sure the customer is satisfied and the project is completed on time.


We take safety very seriously.  Our goal is zero accidents in the offices, fabrications center, and job sites.  We pack our trucks so that materials will arrive undamaged and be easy to off load while minimizing the chance for an accident.


We take pride in our finished product.  Regardless if we manage the installation of our material or provide direct to the general contractor, it is our goal to make sure the installation is thorough and complete.  As needed we will send an Infinity-AP representative to make sure every project is a success.


Our products are thoroughly inspected before leaving our facility.  In most cases, when feasible, we will assembly and fit material to ensure it will work once delivered to site.  Our products are designed around the installer.  We look for the best way to fabricate and we assemble as much as possible to ensure a fast and efficient installation.

Infinity-AP, LLC was founded to meet the custom storefront needs of the retail industry. We are focused on safety, customer service, and quality products. Our capabilities include designing and engineering, consulting, and manufacturing.

We truly seek to understand the needs of our clients. We offer a complete solution for the retail façade package to best meet our client’s needs.  Our main goal is to help you open your stores on time and on budget.


Founded in 2012, Infinity's vision is to provide superior quality products and customer service without limits. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed materials, along with an exceptional and passionate staff.  As a result, store owners recommend us to their colleagues and friends, architects refer us to their clients, employees are proud and everyone seeks to be a part of the Infinity Family.


INTEGRITY Always act with integrity and do what is right – even when no one is watching.

INNOVATIVE Always strive to think outside the box.

CUSTOMER FOCUS Understand your customer and their desires in a way to predict their needs. 

VALUE CREATION Perform in a manner that increases the worth of the product, services, and client.

CHANGE Anticipate and embrace the unknown. Envision what could be and challenge the status quo.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Apply the judgement, responsibility, initiative and critical thinking skills to generate the greatest contribution.

RESPECT Treat others with honesty, respect and sensitivity. Appreciate the value of diversity.

TIMELY Value, respect and be cognizant of individuals’ time, schedule and deadlines.


One of the main reasons that clients choose Infinity-AP is the ease of doing business.  We are a very nimble and responsive company that takes pride in opening stores on time.  We provide excellent customer care, attention to detail, high quality products, workmanship and follow-up with the clients we serve around the world.  There are several areas that set us apart from our competitors.